Flight DUB38MAHSOUND Mah Soundwave Elec-Ac Baritone Ukulele w/bag

SKU:  1001-00364421
Manufacturer Part #:  DUB38MAHSOUND
Imagine for a moment that you had the ability to play a baritone ukulele which could add effects such as reverb, chorus, and delay acoustically, without the need for an amplifier? Additionally, what if you could amplify the baritone ukulele using those effects? Well, you don't need need to imagine that instrument, as it is available from Flight Ukuleles...the Flight DUB38 MAH Soundwave Baritone Ukulele! The Soundwave pickup system has been added to the wonderful DUB38 ukulele, which comes tuned in linear DGBE tuning, with traditional baritone strings (two wound nylon strings, and two unwound nylon stings). The DUB38 MAH Soundwave offers a completely new experience for baritone players, and once you play one, you'll have to own one!


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SKU:  1001-00364421^00364421
Manufacturer Part #:  DUB38MAHSOUND
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